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Prepare to embark on an epic journey like no other as we unveil Zalanthar, a system-agnostic RPG setting that will immerse players in a world of danger, mystery, and limitless possibilities.

Zalanthar is a harsh and unforgiving desert world, teeming with ancient ruins, powerful magic, and advanced technology waiting to be harnessed. Delve into the heart of a unique setting where every dune tells a story and every oasis holds secrets waiting to be uncovered. From the nomadic Sandfolk with their sand manipulation abilities to the transmigrated humans from Earth, Zalanthar is home to a diverse array of species, each with their own skills and vulnerabilities.

  • Immersive Sandbox Experience: Explore a vast and dynamic world where your choices shape the destiny of Zalanthar. Engage in intricate faction politics, embark on dangerous quests, and uncover the hidden history of this ancient desert realm.
  • Unique Species: Choose your character from a range of fascinating species, including the agile and resilient Zalanths, sand-manipulating Sandfolk, enigmatic Tsoo with their powerful magical abilities, and the fusion of technology and mysticism embodied by the metallic-skinned Vortaks.
  • Epic Factions: Align yourself with mighty factions, such as the influential Merchants' Guild, the powerful Warlords seeking territorial dominance, the mystic Brotherhood of the Sand, or the devout Followers of the Sun. Navigate complex alliances, rivalries, and conflicts that shape the course of Zalanthar's history.
  • Diverse Geography: Traverse treacherous deserts, navigate icy tundras, brave dense jungles, and seek solace in lush oasis lands. Each region presents its own set of challenges, mysteries, and opportunities for exploration and adventure.
  • Ancient Magic and Advanced Technology: Unleash the power of sand magic, master elemental forces, or wield advanced technological marvels crafted by the enigmatic Merchants' Guild. Discover the delicate balance between ancient mysticism and cutting-edge innovation, and harness their potential to shape the world around you.

Softcover available on Lulu (at cost print)

Accompanying Game:
Sandswept - Tales of Zalanthar

In addition to the richly detailed setting book, we are excited to announce the release of "Sandswept - Tales of Zalanthar," a rules-light RPG game that captures the essence of Zalanthar's thrilling adventures.

Powered by the innovative Push SRD, Sandswept offers a streamlined and accessible gameplay experience, allowing players to dive into the world of Zalanthar with ease while still delivering exciting and immersive storytelling opportunities. Prepare to forge your own legends and navigate the sands of destiny in this unique tabletop experience.

Announcement of Future RPG Release

We are thrilled to share that we have begun development on a full-fledged RPG system set in the expansive world of Zalanthar.

Savage Sands of Zalanthar will be based on Cairn and will offer comprehensive mechanics, expanded lore, and an even deeper exploration of the wonders and perils of the desert realm.

Stay tuned for further updates and prepare to experience Zalanthar in a whole new way.