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Bear Wars, an ICRPG World Primer

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Bear Wars, an ICRPG World Primer

Ezzerharden Games presents BEAR WARS, an ICRPG World Primer.

On the world of Salt, a world war between bears and men is in motion. Years of fighting on desolate ruins and vast wastelands blasted by magical warfare have exhausted lives and hope.

Centuries ago, the bears traveled from Umbra. The bears’ ancestral home and second largest land mass on Salt. They used a Psi-Gate to help the remaining bear clans escape one war, only to find another raging on Kingsland. The continent is littered with crashed war machines, fallen titans, destroyed land ships, broken air wings, dead behemoths, fallen castle ruins, and burned-out cities. All of which were brought down by men during a hundred years of techno-magical conflicts known as the Mage Wars. All existing technology was exhausted in man’s war on each other.

Kingsland is the bears new home, but it is also home to men, amazons, and beasts. One powerful man, known as the Black King, lives on top of enormous mesa. His twisted castle holds cavernous halls made from blasted stone and black wood. Within the cracks of the mesa, skulking around in dark cave networks, live the beasts. Mutated men, twisted and programmed by magic to follow men without question.

49 pages full color pdf, made especially for use on an iPad. Included in a mobile phone format pdf version for free!

Both High Quality pdfs and compressed versions for iaPd and mobile are included. There is also a High Quality full cover spread for your use.