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A Magical Society: Ecology and Culture

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A Magical Society: Ecology and Culture

He killed the God of War. He ascended into his divinity. No one told him that was the easy part. Look into the inner workings of gods and how they build worlds. From a divine perch, map your world and experience tectonics, magical geography, predation, ecological conflict, and cultural development. Following in the footsteps of A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe (Gen Con ENnies 2003 Best Setting Supplement), A Magical Society: Ecology and Culture provides real-world phenomena for a fantasy game.

Build Your World. Better.

"Wow! It's been a while since I was wowed by a book"~Crothian: EN World Staff Reviewer

"A book like this comes along once in a blue moon..."~Duane Nutley: d20 Magazine Rack Staff Reviewer

"A magnificent resource for the world-building Game Master"~Bradford Ferguson: Head of the d20 Section at Silven Crossroads

"Thoroughly researched and logically outlined, the information it contains is of immense value to a world building GM."~Morgan Davey: RPGnet