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Cults and Syndicates: The Broken Bone

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Cults and Syndicates: The Broken Bone

A Brand New Cult Option For 5th Edition

“He is the Ivory Chain! He is the Grinning Master! He is the Deathless Destruction! And we shall make him great again.”

—Lysba Valkin, cleric of Ecrassus

Dominance, of not only a body but of a spirit. Control of not only a life but of the death that comes after. That is what Ecrassus requires from his followers. That is what drives the cult of the Broken Bone.

This supplement includes:

  • Information on the cult of Ecrassus, God of the Skeletal Throng.
  • Plot hooks to introduce your players to this brutal cult. 
  • A powerful new artifact to turn your BBEG into a master of ivory hordes.