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Creeping Death on Station 66

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Creeping Death on Station 66

Caught in a deep sandstorm in the wastelands of Mars, your team has had to abandon their mining recon, alerted to a place of refuge by a radio transmission. Garbled, you make out “…help, we’re taking precautions and know that no evac is imminent. Supplies low. 53 South, 96 East. End message. Beeeeeeep.”

Creeping Death on Station 66 is a system neutral microsetting designed for the Pocket Places Jam 2021 a collaboration between David Blandy and Sigve Solvaag inspired by The Thing, Alien, and The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis by Clark Ashton Smith.

The setting is sparse space body horror, with 3 NPCs, 3 detailed technical maps of the complex, and 2 tables to decide who is the initial host of the alien parasite, and what items might be found around the base.

The delapidated Medic Station 66 has been infiltrated by a tiny mobile black cloth-like disc, which moves by folding and wrinkling, which subtly enters the body through an orifice and plants seeds in the nasal cavity. The parasite then finds its way to the cerebral cortex, inducing mild euphoria a need for the host to stay close to other potential hosts. Once gestated, the cavity explodes, scattering the newborn.

When folded into a small Pocketfold shape you can view the text, interior art, and tables at the same time.


Layout and writingDavid Blandy
Maps and concept Sigve Solvaag

Cover image by Baggeb, used with permission

Creeping Death on Station 66 (2021)