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The Korranberg Chronicle: Adventurer's Almanac

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The Korranberg Chronicle: Adventurer's Almanac

Get ready for adventure with

The Korranberg Chronicle - Adventurer's Almanac!

Fully compatible with the Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron, Eberron: Rising from the Last War, and Keith Baker's Exploring Eberron, this massive tome is dedicated to all the Eberron players out there! Find a wealth of options within these pages, including:

  • Subraces, Variant Traits, and Brand new statistics for playing over 26 PC races!
  • 20 New and Variant subclasses for existing classes, including 5 exclusive Druidic circles for each Eldeen Druidic Sect!
  • An alternate class option to play a purely martial Ranger!
  • The Korranberg Chroncile's Artificer - support your allies with this full-spellcasting arcane support class, and choose which from six fields of artifice magic to gain mastery in!
  • Anthony Turco's Swordmage is reprinted here, to play in Eberron campaigns! Includes all four Arcane Axiom subclasses!
  • 3 New Eberron-specific backgrounds: the Citizen, the House Guild Member, and the Sovereign Host Vassal!
  • 17 New Spells!
  • 25 New Feats, including racial feats for the Changeling, Kalashtar, Shifter, and Warforged!
  • Advice on incorporating a plethora of official backgrounds and subclasses into the world of Eberron!
  • 12 New Weapons! (Including alternate rules for the Valenar double scimitar, plus multiple other kinds of double-ended weapons!)
  • 6 New Weapon Special Materials!
  • 3 New Tools!
  • Over 20 new kinds of adventuring gear, including 8 alchemical items, and 6 clockwork devices!
  • 50 new Eberron Trinkets!
  • 50 new magic items, including 24 Dragonshard Focus Items for dragonmarked PCs, and 15 warforged components!

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