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Starsmith: Expanded Oracles

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Starsmith: Expanded Oracles

More Options for Ironsworn: Starforged Oracles!

This digital supplement (POD on the way soon) adds two additional tables for nearly every table in the Ironsworn: Starforged core rulebook effectively tripling your options.  Where normally you would roll your challenge (2d10) to find oracle results, you now roll your action die (1d6) as well.  The action die results tell you which table to look at as follows:

  • 1-2: Use the original Ironsworn: Starforged oracle table
  • 3-4: Use the first oracle table in the Starsmith supplement
  • 5-6: Use the second oracle table in the Starsmith supplement
The expanded oracles in Starsmith include the original oracles thanks to Shawn Tomkin's generous licensing.  Thanks, Shawn!  The categories of oracles are:
  • Campaign Starters
  • Core - Action, Theme, Descriptor, Focus
  • Characters
  • Creatures
  • Derelicts
  • Districts
  • Factions
  • Miscellaneous
  • Planets
  • Settlements
  • Space Encounters
  • Starships
  • Vaults
The only oracles not tripled are:
  • Derelict Zones - I created corresponding Mega-City Districts giving you options in the same vein as Derelicts but now in a mega-city.
  • Location Themes - I created new themes that doubled the options rather than extending the existing ones.
In additon to the expanded oracles, I've included three oracles ported from Ironsmith:
  • Random NPC Conversation: A table of random topics for NPCs to discuss including everything from family history to specific job skills to gossip about why the leadership should change.  While these topics could lead to significant plot ideas, they are mainly designed to help a GM or player flesh out an NPC.
  • Plot Knowledge an NPC or Datastream Can Give: These are two d100 tables that you can use to find out what specific plot information an NPC has.  The first table is the type of information they have (the location of, the identity of, the loss of authority of, etc.) and the second table is the topic of that information (an enemy spy, the current setting, a traitor, etc.)  Roll once on each table to build interesting plot connections on the fly!
  • Items of Narrative Significance: These tables provide 300 options for random items that can act as clues or story drivers.  Get a random item and think how it fits into the plot or roll on the Story Clue table and then roll a random item to see how that clue manifested.

Using the Expanded Oracles for Other RPGs

First of all, if you're not playing Shawn Tomkin's Ironsworn: Starforged game, what are you waiting for?!  It's a great game that has all the drivers you need to make excellent sci-fi stories with just the right amount of grit.  Not only is the final Kickstarter version available right now digitally, but the physical version will be on sale soon as well.

As great as Starforged is, you could also use these oracles for almost any other gritty, sci-fi system or setting.  Check out the above list of oracles included in this supplement.  You can use those in almost any game!  So have at it!

Not an Official Ironsworn Product

This is NOT an official Ironsworn product.  This is a fan-made supplement that is only possible through the generous licensing granted by Ironsworn author, Shawn Tomkin.  Thank you, Shawn!

This work is based on Ironsworn (found at, created by Shawn Tomkin, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (

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