Kris's Compendium of Trade Goods

Kris's Compendium of Trade Goods - Common Item Pack

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Kris's Compendium of Trade Goods - Common Item Pack


"Welcome friends, I don't sell common goods, however, I do sell their knowledge. These have created wars of attrition, created some bloodlust-driven tyrants, but also cozy homes and fruit cakes."

What you will receive.

A high-quality compendium of trade goods that can be used to bolster your world-building steps by creating more fleshed-out regions.

Product contains

Approximately 100 items are fully described and with an associated picture attached for quick reference.

Foundry Module? 

A module has already been created and you can locate it under Kris's Compendium of Trade goods, however, it is currently only for 5e.

"Trade is the lifeblood of solid worldbuilding and the foundation of many a good plot hook. An excellent resource for sure!" - Arkenforge team

*product contains some AI generated art*