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Paintings Set 2

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Paintings Set 2

Even more artwork to adorn your Tudor Buildings Set homes and taverns! Modular walls are so easy to build, so why not quickly make more varieties to help make each encounter unique? These painting sets provide walls with the art pre-hung, and also a separate page so you can use the paintings as props. Need a target for a heist? Need to cover up that safe in the wall? Game on!

Paintings Set 2

Give your houses a more personal touch!

The Tudor Building Set gives you all the basics you need for making all sorts of buildings, inside and out, to fill your villages, towns and cities. This add-on gives you new walls that fit right in with everything you've already built. Within minutes, you'll make your modular terrain pieces even more versatile. These paintings aren't just for hanging! They are also provided on a separate page with fully textured backs, so add them to any other wall you want! Lean them up against a wall, crate or anywhere else as treasure or an improvised weapon! And, of course, you're free to carve the painting right out of the frame, print out your own favorite artwork and paste it right in!

What is included in the set:

4 new 3" walls featuring four different paintings
A separate page with just the paintings, with textured backs, to use as props
Automated cutter files compatible with Silhouette brand cutters

What other materials are required:

  • The Tudor Building Set
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to use the files provided
  • Heavy paper (100# cardstock or matte photo paper)
  • Printer
  • Hobby knife
  • Metal ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Glue (white glue and spray glue recommended)
  • Markers for edging pieces

Supplies required

This is a common collection of tools needed to get crafting. The metal ruler and craft knife (in this case, an inexpensive snap-blade knife) do the bulk of the work. A self-healing cutting mat will protect your workspace. White glue is great for small surfaces, but don't use too much! It is watery and can warp paper easily! Super77 is an example of a spray glue that can coat larger, flat surfaces like the walls. It covers the paper quickly and evenly, and won't warp. A black marker lets you color in the exposed edges of paper - a finishing touch known as 'edging' that realy improves the quality of the final result.

So how does this modular terrain work?

Each modular terrain system product comes with detailed instructions with step-by-step photographs of each piece being built. The modular terrain system centers on three core components: tiles, posts and walls. You can build as many or as few as you need, and add to your collection over time. Pictured here is an assortment of these common components from the Infiinite Dungeons set.

Modular terrain pieces

Tiles typically come in 3"x3", 3"x6" and 6"x6" sizes, and feature 1" grids, 1.5" grids or gridless textures. Tiles have a foamcore base, making them extremely sturdy. They connect together with foamcore plugs, making a stable base to build on. In the coners and along the sides of the tiles, you will see special tabs that blend into the tile texture. These tabs fold up to allow attaching posts. The posts are what hold the walls in place.

Demonstration of posts on tiles

Posts commonly come in three types: corner posts, side posts and center posts. They have slots that allow the walls to slide in place, hanging kind of like a file folder might hang in a file cabinet.

Example modular build

Once you've got the basics down, you'll also find stairs to let you build multiple dungeon levels, and end caps that provide a decorative cover or railings along exposed tile sides.

About the paintings

These walls were put toegether as part of an art prompt challenge for the word "bouquet". When you have a specific need for a wall, all it takes is a little skill in an image editor and a little imagination, and in no time you can have something totally new. The "bouquet" in this case was a photo of my wife, a florist, holding one of her creations. Two other paintings were made from arrangements from her flower shop. The last painting is a photo of one of our chickens posing for the camera.
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