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West Marches Style - Simplified Encumbrance for A5e

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West Marches Style - Simplified Encumbrance for A5e

Inspired by the work of Pathfinder 2nd edition, the Black Hack and of course Level Up: Advanced Fifth edition, this free pamphlet provides a simple rule of thumb for working out how to loot a dungeon without requiring excessive book-keeping or table time. Can you carry 20 daggers? How many halflings can ride on the back of a horse? This will tell you how.

But wait, there's more! The usage die is an excellent concept for keeping track of ammunition in the Black Hack. However it is very hard to implement in 5e due to carrying capacity. The concept of bulk here allows a limit to be put on ammunition and the possibility of running out of ammunition to be back in games. Useful at low levels, at high levels, it turns +1 arrows from a booby prize that will remain on a character sheet never to be used, to a handy bonus that players will be less afraid to use.