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Villains & Lairs

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Villains & Lairs

Now with even more Villains and Lairs!

Expand your game with this collection of 56 NPCs of various Challenge Ratings, thirteen of which include maps and details of their lairs. Add these NPCs as a side-quest, a main villain, a one-shot, a bounty for easy money, or however else you wish.

Written by some of the best-selling authors on the Dungeon Masters Guild and outstanding podcasters, each NPC includes an image, a backstory, motives, flaws, and a stat block. Some even include new magic items!

Several of the NPCs (Angel, Aurelia Sing, Barabbas Abernathy, Brondike Deepdelver, Cephelosk, Dargin Graypaw, Fur'Gudlu, Gundigoot Garrick, Lady Yana, Metathraxicus Shade, Rhaghulit the Visionary, The Silent Symphony, Snuggles, Velen 'Viper' Raddlemark, and Zerakkis) even have connections to Waterdeep! Check out the preview to see how we added the connection.

Bonus Objective: COMPLETED! The expansion has been posted!

This is the PDF version. If you'd like the Fantasy Grounds version, click HERE!

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