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What Crooked Roots: 15 Folk-Horror Encounters for 5th Edition

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What Crooked Roots: 15 Folk-Horror Encounters for 5th Edition

"A cool and usable mix of folk-tale encounters to drop into any 5e wilderness. I dig it!"
-Sly Flourish

Welcome to the wilds. Here you reap what you sow. 

Inspired by the settings and themes of The Wicker Man, Over the Garden Wall, The Ritual and many other folk horror tales, comes What Crooked Roots: 15 folk-horror themed roleplay encounters created for Fifth Edition.

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Focusing on western tropes and anxieties, What Crooked Roots flips some expectations and reinvents others for a fresh but familiar series of scary scenarios. With a haunting range of encounters that vary in length and difficulty, you’re sure to find something that lingers with your party well beyond their travels…

  • ...Explore cursed corn fields growing something wicked.
  • ...Meet beekeepers who hide a secret.
  • ...Unearth forgotten, haunted groves.
  • ...Crack a black egg or see if it hatches.
  • ...Hear the whisper of something following in the shadows.
  • ...Feast on the fruit with human teeth inside instead of seeds.
  • ...Flee the Groat Man as it hunts you through an abandoned village. 
  • ...And much more!

The harvest is ready, and the ritual always has room for one more...

Cover of What Crooked Roots And some of the text included on the description page.


  • 15 Folk-horror encounters focusing on roleplay (some violence may be required).
  • A sprinkling of fantasy to remove and reimagine harmful stereotypes typically associated with folk-horror stories.
  • Lore to distribute as rumors, journals, dreams or other means as the GM sees fit within their world.
  • Encounters you can slot in as your party travels through or explores rural terrain, adapting to most settings.
  • Optional additions and roll tables to further customize encounters.

Download Includes: 

  • 33-page, full-color, and bookmarked PDF with original folk-horror style artwork.
  • Printer friendly and accessible PDF.
  • High-resolution player handouts with color inversions to help save printer ink.


  • Body horror and blood 
  • Allusions to cannibalism 
  • Allusions to pregnancy 
  • Allusions to stalking
  • Animal hunting and harvesting
  • Self-harm in a ritualistic setting
  • Cult-like Behavior
  • Funeral for a child

About Cassi Mothwin

I’ve spent 4 years within the world of TTRPGs, but I’m no stranger to weaving tales. With a master’s degree in writing and several publications under my belt, a shift to creating content for 5e, as well as other roleplaying games, seemed only natural. Thank you for taking the time to review my content. I hope you find a use for it at your table. If you have feedback, feel free to message me here or find me on Twitter at @CountessCassi.

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