S.T.S. Promise: A Final Girl Adventure

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S.T.S. Promise: A Final Girl Adventure

Mission Log

Government Towing Vehicle: STS Promise

Crew: 4-10

Cargo: 2,000 humans

Course: our new home, planet 679

The brave crew of STS Promise, we on Earth have failed. Your mission is to take those left of the human race and head to the nearest uninhabited, livable planet. With any luck, you and the cargo will enter cryo sleep and not need to awaken before reaching planet 679. Your directive is simple. Ensure humanity lives on.

Tìo: Approaching asteroid field. Thirty-five hours until we reach planet 679.

Tío: Asteroid field crossed successfully. Assessing for hull damage

Tío: Minor breach in hull. Area: Science Laboratory. Losing oxygen and enacting protocol BREACH. Protocol BREACH enacted. Oxygen levels… 80%. Enacting the second half of protocol BREACH and waking the brave Crew from cryo-stasis. Good morning, crew!