Sigve Solvaag


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“The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.” ― William Gibson, Neuromancer


BRUTALIST is where cyberpunk meets decay. Amid the towering concrete structures and the sprawling ruins of yesterday's promise, the echoing drone of worn-out tech fills the air. Massive scavenger-ships bring in hulks to the harbor where the scrappers await. When night falls, your job begins.

BRUTALIST is inspired by Cassette Futurism, Brutalist Architecture, Neuromancer and Dishonored. The “High” has been taken out of “High tech, low life”. This is a world where a CPU can barely surpass 100 MHz.


  • Easy d6-based rules.
  • Thematic and quick character creation.
  • An extensive gear list.
  • Procedures for combat, exploration and downtime.
  • Tables for generating scenarios quickly.

BRUTALIST owes its inception to the innovative rpg framework of Jason Tocci's 24XX and the inventive Hazard System by Necropraxis. This game strives to follow the Brutalist Adventure Game Design manifesto.


This is a product under development and availble to the public. After development, this game will switch from PWYW to a set price, but also be made available as an SRD. The current playtest version of BRUTALIST is available as PDF.

Looking for premade scenarios to run? Try Corwin Facility in In Play's first issue or Creeping Death on Station 66.


BRUTALIST currently uses images generated with Midjourney. I want to replace it with REAL ART by PEOPLE. Get in touch with me for a potential commission.