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Bexim's Bazaar Gaming Magazine Issue #02

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Bexim's Bazaar Gaming Magazine Issue #02

Bexim's Bazaar is a monthly magazine dedicated to RPGs and wargames with a focus on gaming crafting. A new issue will be released on the 1st of each month. Each month, original articles on gaming and crafting will appear along with the following regular columns:

* Treana’s Trinkets — a random roll table (d20) for players to discover new trinkets for their characters
* Tiny Dungeon — each month, a complete single-page dungeon; DM/GM just provides level-appropriate creatures, traps, and treasure
* The Dented Helm — Four or more adventure hooks, useful for creating impromptu adventures or working into an existing campaign
* Growder’s Tent — four magic item cards, print and cut and provide to players as new magic items
* Show Us Your Crafts — photos and descriptions of readers’ submitted handmade tabletop crafts
* Hewbue’s Used Books — a list of 10-20 fantasy-themed book titles for DMs/GMs to use in their games
* Random Roll Item — each month, a set of random roll tables will provide details on standard fantasy RPG items such as doors, traps, chests, etc.
* YouTube Crafter Channels — two-page spread featuring the names and logos of YouTube channels devoted to game crafting
* Zulhanyar’s Monstrosities — one new fantastic creature stat block (5e) each month
* Back-Page Dungeon — each month, the last page of the magazine will feature an amazing map ready for DMs/GMs to fill with details.
* Digital Crafting Article — each month, an article will focus on 3D modeling and 3D printing for gaming
* Greetings, Adventurers — a welcome from the editor to readers with additional info about the current month’s magazine
* A Swift Survey — a new map each month for use as a prop or as an actual adventure map (maps created by Bryan Swift)
* Chase Scene -- a random table for running a chase sequence in your game

Columns for this month include:

* Print & Paste Terrain by Kristian Richards

* A Gaslands Primer

* You Need to Try Wargaming by William Buchanan (Wyloch)

* Meet the Lazy DM, Michael Shea

* Gareth’s Table of Tinkering by Gareth Branwyn

* Craft a Mini Dice Book

* DIY 3D-Printed Terrain Tile Design by Michael Earls

* Whitebeard’s Workshop by James Critchley

* More with Papercraft Terrain by F.C. Schmidt

* The Pools of Vimm (Frostgrave Scenario)

* The Bone Folder - Why Use Paper Minis by Robert Nemeth

* Basics of Crafting with Tinkercad

* Vee’s Musings

* NewTube by CraftNicks

* Splitting a Large 3D Model

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