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FSpaceRPG The Turram Encounter

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FSpaceRPG The Turram Encounter

FSpaceRPG is a science fiction roleplaying game in the classic mould.

The current date is 2178. Stotatl forces are confident that the Aronhi are back under control. Once more they can turn their attentions towards Earth and the Terran Alliance. This module is set during a pivotal time in FSpace history. It introduces the Turram, a race who play a part in later events. This module indicates the intentions of the Stotatl Empire and acts as a good run-up to the Stotatl War.

What you get:The Turram Encounter is a 53 page scenario book. It contains all the material for the scenario, and supplementary material on starships and equipment in use for the scenario. All that is required to run the scenario is a copy of an FSpaceRPG rulebook (although at least v4 would be advantageous).

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