Tome of Horrors Revised

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Tome of Horrors Revised

The Classic Tome of Horrors Revised for Your Revised Third Edition Game!

Finally, thanks to DTRPG, Necromancer Games is able to provide a Revised Third Edition version of the classic Tome of Horrors with a full upgrade to Revised Third Edition (3.5) stats! Now your favorite First Edition Feel monsters are ready for your Revised Third Edition game!

Over 400 of Your Favorite First Edition Monsters

Like the original, Tome of Horrors Revised contains over 400 monsters in Revised Third Edition (3.5) format, from the aerial servant and the lurker above to the shadow demon and the skeleton warrior — and even the Demon Lord Orcus himself! Nothing was cut from the original Tome of Horrors, in fact the book got even bigger! If you loved the original and wished that it was Revised Third Edition (3.5) compliant, your wishes have been answered!

A Revised Third Edition (3.5) supplement for Game Masters